UncommonGoods Gifts for Drinkers

We did an article last year with an assortment of drink-related gift ideas and recently the good people at UncommonGoods came calling to see if we wanted to check out their current selection. Never ones to turn down such a polite request (or a chance to sample the goods, be they of the common or uncommon variety) we said sure. They promptly shipped out a set of these lovelies:

ProtectOurSeasProtect Our Water Glasses, Set of 4, $40

They arrived securely packaged inside two of those recyclable drink holders you get at a ballgame – just enough to get them here safely. A lovely example of recycling at its best, these are the bottom half of wine bottles; apparently the top half isn’t wasted but instead used to create goblets. I was worried they’d feel fragile but they have a nice hand weight and reviews on the website say they can even withstand a small drop and not break – I’ll be doing my best to not to test that one out personally.

The UncommonGoods website is pretty easy to navigate but in case you’d rather I hold your hand on this, check out the Beer Gifts category here if you’re looking for a quick idea. You can pretty much close your eyes and point to any item on that page to find something worthy of thanks and praise. The Beer! Hops tie is subtle and would make for an excellent Father’s Day gift, if you’re thinking that far ahead.

hopstieBeer! Hops Tie, $40

Speaking of Dad, they’ve got a Father’s Day Gift category too — perhaps a Bike Tread Belt like this one to go with that tie? Or for the slightly more serious drinker, maybe a set of Whiskey Stones that will chill down a beverage to optimal drinking temperature without an ounce of dilution.

whiskeystonesWhiskey Stones & Gift Set, $19.50 – $58.00

Smooth, no? And hey, you’re already paying for shipping…you might as well pick out something for yourself while you’re there. No point in wasting space in that delivery box, right? It’d be irresponsible to let a single awesome gift rattle around in there. Give it a traveling companion — it’s the right thing to do.


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