Review – Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper

Southern Comfort 3 © by Kara Davis

I know.

I know.

I promised a review ( earlier. Well after some delays here it is.


We received a promotional box for the release of this “hot” new product.


It looks like the usual Southern Comfort. If you did not know better you would think it was the same thing. But boy would you be in for a surprise.

The Nose:

To be polite, the smell is harsh. Is “cardboard” an official definition? You do get hints of the pepper and a little sense of soda.

Tasting Notes:

Hummmhhh. This burns. And it is not for everyone. You get hit by the taste of peppers right up front……….and in the middle…………..and in your rear. No mistaking what this is.


So did we like it?

It is not for everyone. No mistaking that. But we see a place in the market for this, for challenge shots, unique mixers and just the weirdos out there.


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