Halloween Freebie WTF

This past Friday afternoon, my husband was home to receive a mystery package from our friendly UPS man. Knowing how much I truly LOVE all things mail, he left it unopened for me. I tore it open at once and found this:

The first thing at the top of the box was those black plastic roses, eliciting the WTF mentioned in the post tag line up there. Did I order something from the Oriental Trading Company and then immediately suffer a blackout? Then came the masks which just upped the weird factor, then the glasses, which tipped me off that this might be a drink-related freebie. Next came the candles and trivets, and at the very bottom was the cocktail shaker, next to two cards, indicating that this little nugget of strange came courtesy of Patrón XO Cafe. From one of the cards:

For being quick on your fingers, you’ve won this gift set inspired by our Costume & Cocktail photoshoot on Facebook, consisting of glassware, decor and themed accessories for a dark and sexy (ooh, sexy-times with Patrón) Halloween evening. Mix up this cocktail for two — something you can sink your fangs into.

I headed to Facebook and found this page, which did jog my memory a bit – must’ve entered to win this “gift set” and then promptly forgot about the whole thing (which incidentally is the very best way to enter internet contests – that way on the off chance you win it’s all just a wonderful surprise). The other little card has a recipe that includes Patrón XO Cafe + Absinthe but really, if you have these two ingredients on hand you can probably think of a better way to party.

For an unexpected freebie this is fun, but a little chintzier than I’m used to from Patrón after attending the truly impressive Secret Dining Society event, and getting the lovely birthday surprise from them earlier this year. There were still tags on the roses and masks – a small detail, but details are important.

Bottom line: a nice surprise, but sometimes less is more – I’ll keep the glasses, candles and trivets at least. Did anyone else get one of these boxes? And where is the free tequila? I do live in a state where shipping liquor can be a hassle, but how about a coupon? Throw a girl a bone, Patrón!

PS to Patrón – Send more free stuff. You’re still my favorite. Kisses.


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