Halloween Entertaining From Lucid Absinthe

Halloween is one of the most captivating and mysterious American holidays – for old and young alike! The element of surprise makes it fun and unpredictable. Halloween was first brought to North America by immigrants from Europe, who would celebrate the harvest around a bonfire, share ghost stories, sing, dance and tell fortunes. The ancient Celts thought that spirits and ghosts roamed the countryside on Halloween night. They began wearing masks and costumes to avoid being recognized as human.

image001.jpgAlso hailing from Europe, Lucid Absinthe is embracing Halloween and embarking on a journey to discover some of the mysteries surrounding the enchantment and traditions of Absinthe. Absinthe was hugely popular in the late 19th and early 20th century France, particularly among Parisian artists and writers. Due in part to its association with bohemian culture, Absinthe was opposed by social conservatives and prohibitionists. Charles Baudelaire, Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Aleister Crowley, and Alfred Jarry were all notorious “bad men” of that day who were devotees of the Green Fairy.

Absinthe owes a fair amount of its mysteriousness to a chemical of difficult pronunciation: Thujone. Present in small quantities, Thujone was singled out and blamed for its alleged harmful effects. By 1915, Absinthe had been banned in the United States and in most European countries. Although Absinthe was vilified, no evidence has shown it to be any more dangerous than ordinary spirit.

As the first Absinthe to be legalized in the US in 95 years, Lucid attracts connoisseurs with its spooky bottle design. The bottle sports cat eyes inspired by “Le Chat Noir” – a famous French cabaret. Traditionally, black cats were once believed to be witch’s familiars who protected their powers. Appropriately, Lucid presents a deliciously creepy new cocktail, the Lucid Paranormal Activity !

Lucid Paranormal Activityimage002.jpg

  • 1 part LUCID® Absinthe
  • 1 part White Creme de Cacao
  • 1 part Coconut Milk
  • Drizzle of Black Sambucca

Combine LUCID, White Creme de Cacao and Coconut Milk in a shaker filled with ice. Shake till Frothy and strain into a short rocks glass over ice. Drizzle Black Sambucca down the side of the glass until it floats on the bottom and diffuses through the cocktail.

Or simply enjoying Lucid the traditional way will offer consumers another eerie way to enjoy Absinthe: The smoky, cloudy, translucent louching effects create the perfect mood for Halloween revelry. Simply pour 1.25 – 1.5 oz of Lucid into an appropriate glass. Place a sugar cube atop a flat, perforated spoon that rests on the rim of the glass. Using the sugar and spoon are optional. Slowly drip 4-5 oz. of ice cold water on top of the sugar cube (or directly into the glass), which slowly dissolves into the Absinthe. The cold water causes Lucid to louche (“loosh”) into an opalescent cloud as the herbal essences emerge from the Absinthe and perfume the room.

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