Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper – We Will Have A Review Soon

We don’t normally write an article just to tell you that we will write a later article….But…..

We are excited to let you know that we received a bottle of Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper and will be doing a review in a few weeks. We have a tasting panel event coming up and that product will now be the first one we try that night.

Some of our team got to try small taste while in New Orleans a few months back. It was an interesting mix of refreshing SoCo with McIlhenny’s Tabasco brand. We really can’t wait to see the reactions of our panel.

We will leave you with one recipe to whet your appetite:

SoCo® FIERY PEPPER Bloody Mary

6 OZ. Bloody Mary Mix
Squeeze of Lime

Combine ingredients in a tall glass with ice. Stir cautiously. Garnish with jalapeño pepper.


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