Tomorrow is National Homebrew Day!

Every year on the first Saturday in May, the American Homebrewers Association declares the day as National Homebrew Day, or the “Big Brew“.  Homebrew clubs and homebrew stores all over the US as well as abroad hold group brewing events.  First held in 1988, it has continued every year and has gained more brewers at registered sites and reported more gallons produced every year.  How much?  Last year:

Over 5,000 people celebrated National Homebrew Day by brewing over 11,000 gallons at 291 sites on six continents worldwide. Sites were registered in 46 states and Puerto Rico, as well as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Japan, Kenya, Russia, and United Kingdom.

That’s 2,200 5-gallon kegs or about 710 half-barrel kegs!

The AHA publishes a list of recipes each year for the Big Brew, for the communal and coolness factor of lots of people brewing the same stuff.  But you don’t have to brew the same recipe, just get together and brew something!  Here’s how to get involved, whether new or an experienced homebrewer:

I’ll be joining in the national revelry by doing 5 gallons of Jamil’s Evil Twin.


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