Product Review: teabean Chai

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Teabean contacted us with the promise of a taste test recently and we happily obliged. First, a bit about what exactly white coffee is so we’re all on the same page. The beans are baked, not roasted, which lends them a unique flavor. From the teabean website:

Rather than roasting them, we take our blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans and apply a dry heat for a longer period of time at a lower temperature. This unique and innovative process does not allow the beans to fully develop into coffee, but rather to dry out and bake. The result is a tan coloured coffee bean which is smaller and much harder than a roasted bean. This baked bean has a sweet and subtle flavour with nutty, tea-like undertones. White Coffee is caffeinated, and has a taste that is so unique, most people don’t even believe it’s coffee!

We were sent their White Coffee Infusion which is described thusly:

“With Teabean White Coffee Infusion, we’ve taken our naturally sweet tasting White Coffee beans and infused them with an aromatic blend of cinnamon, ginger root and cloves. Now you can enjoy all the caffeine of coffee without the coffee taste. Simply place the pyramid infusion bag into hot water for a Chai experience unlike any other!”

I brewed this and tasted it straight up, as I don’t sweeten my coffee/tea and wanted to compare this to my daily cup. The flavor was — interesting. I could tell immediately that it was coffee-based but without the bitter hit or acidity at the end that can sometimes follow unsweetened coffee.

As far as the chai taste, the spices were there and I could tell they were trying give me the full chai experience, but I wished the flavor was a whole lot stronger. In my experience, tea-based chai tends to have any tea flavor obliterated by the chai spices, but this was more of a competition between the two.

Overall, this is definitely worth a try if you get a chance. Currently the infusion tea bags are only available online but the company is hoping for a wider distribution in the future. If you’re one of our Canadian friends you can find the teabean latte at select locations – if you’ve had one, let us know what you think!

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