Travel Bars We Love – Liberties, Cambridge, OH

What if you are traveling I-70 in East-Central Ohio and need a cocktail?

What if you find yourself in Cambridge, OH and the only bar you see is inside of Ruby Tuesdays?

Well you head to Liberties Tavern/Bar inside of the local Days Inn.

Sure it is not much of a bar. Heck, we think it even doubles as the free breakfast location for overnight guests. We are not 100% sure because we stayed at a nicer hotel down the street.

But this bar is fun.

Sure it only has 1 tap.

But that tap spits out $1.50 beers.

This place is hard to explain. Once inside you feel welcomed. Maybe it is the bartender giving alcohol whipped cream samples. Maybe it is the diverse crowd made up of world travelers. Maybe we were just drunk.

This place deserves a stop. Just don’t be surprised at the limited hours. We also think that local Ohio liquor laws do not allow them to be open on Sundays.

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