An Excuse to Drink – Happy Birthday James Joyce

Gregory Priebe

Amatuer historian, part-time artificer of mixed intoxicants. Liquor cabinet "bigger on the inside".

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  1. frankie says:

    While the Mojito was delightfully brought to celebrity by Hemingway, I can hardly believe that a drink as poorly named as the one above could ever aspire, as spirit, to such aloft; though perchance only as complement to an oversize hot-dog regaled as “The Hemingway”. Such a pedestrianism would only make Joyce sneer in his grave.

  2. Gregory says:


    Thanks for the comments, we’re just trying to keep things light here and in no way are we implying that each and every drink posted has the significance of Hemingway and the Mojito and “Papa Doble”. As for the name, you’ll have to take that up with mixologist Gary Regan. :)

  3. cailinos says:

    Jaysus….get the work right at least. Tis Finnegans Wake – no apostrophe.

  4. Gregory says:

    @cailinos so sorry, autocorrect on the android is a beeyotch. Again, just trying to keep things light here.

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