Drinking Calendar – October

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Welcome to our new feature: the Drinking Calendar. My idea for this was two-fold: It helps me keep organized and it also gives readers prior notice of upcoming events that they might be interested in. For now, the content will be the usual National Food “Holidays” (USA if not noted), major drink related historical events, and occasionally alcohol-related festivals in the Mid-Atlantic region. This list is by no means comprehensive, but if you have events from other states, regions, countries, drop us a line (or DM us @drinkinghistory on Twitter) and we’ll add them.

October 2010

Month-long Celebrations:

  • Apple/Applejack Month
  • Caramel Month
  • Chili Month
  • Pretzel Month
  • National Seafood Month
  • Pickled Pepper Month
  • Dessert Month

Week-Long Events:

  • 10/3-10/8: American Beer Week
  • 3rd week: Kraut Sandwich Week

National Drink “Holidays”

  • 10/1: Pudding Season Begins
  • 10/3: 200th Munich Oktoberfest Ends
  • 10/4: Vodka Day
  • 10/4: Taco Day
  • 10/7:  National Frappe Day
  • 2nd Friday World Egg Day
  • 10/13: National Pumpkin Festival
  • 10/16: Liqueur Day
  • 10/20: Brandied Fruit Day
  • 10/21 Caramel Apple Day
  • 10/27 Potato Day
  • 10/27 American Beer Day
  • 10/28: National Chocolate Day
  • 10/29: National Oatmeal Day
  • 10/30: National Candy Corn Day
  • 10/31 Halloween (well, at least it is for me!)


  1. says

    So, wait, American Beer Day is several weeks after American Beer Week?

    The wisdom, I suppose, is that we are obligated to drink beer on an additional day.


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