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Heavy Seas Rye Porter

My first though was intrigue at the idea of using rye malt in a Porter.  Lately rye used in brewing IPAs (aka Rye-PA) has gotten the lion’s share of attention.  Rye tends to lend a dryness and a slight spiciness and is typically used in 10-20% of the total grist when used in conjunction with other malts.  Brewing with rye malt brings its own brand of complications and considerations.  Still, it can pair famously when used correctly.

I gotta say I did enjoy this beer.  From the pillowy tan head that lasted and left lace on the glass, to the spicy rye notes that complemented the restrained roasty flavors, to the prominent floral hop aroma and flavor and mildly alcoholic aroma and taste, each sip was absolutely enjoyable.  Homebrewers Frank Butt and Neil Heinlein did their homework and raised the bar for coloring-outside-the-lines beer.  And kudos to Clipper City for the beer’s production and overall support of the homebrewing community.  Cheers, gentlemen!


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